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Roaster Types and Prices

There are only a few types of roasters available. Gas and Electric.  Store or large production.  Portable or less portable.  For a store the most popular choice is an electric 110V machine that sits on a counter or table and does around 7 pounds per batch about every 30 minutes.  For shops that allow gas there are a few available and for the outdoor or indoor farmers market or swap meet, the choices are any of the above if electricity is present or a gas bottle is permitted.

The point is that the roaster is the big draw to your location to showcase your product.  The size is not as important as just having one to get attention.  Once there it is important to have a variety of product such as plain roasted (that you will be roasting), and possibly a variety of nuts such as salted-in-the-shell  a favorite for many, Cajun style (our invention) and a hit wherever seen and even peanut butter or sweet style sugar coated nuts.  We have the nut butter grinders that can make the freshest peanut butter on site and keep them coming back time and time again.  

This beautiful roaster is a real attention getter and we have these in pro baseball stadiums, stores such as Whole Foods and various "nut" shops.  They are a center point where ever they are found.


Antique Style Store Roaster

28” long  x  24” wide (front)  x  39” height (34” to top plus 5” for light)

Electrical: 1500 watts 120Volt Single Phase 60 Hz. (foreign voltage: 230V / 50Hz )

Capacity: 8 pounds in-shell peanuts per batch (10 to 12 pounds for shelled nuts)

Shipping Wt. :  Approx.  125# 

List price:  $5550  
Discounted price:  $4495


Olde Tyme Nut Butter  Grinder

The best way to grow your nut sales is to have one (or more) of these commercial grinders in your nut section.  New customers become repeats when they try the freshest nut butter available.  There are thousands of these across the U.S.. 
They may be purchased as a turnkey program from us through HAMPTON FARMS, in which you save $600 and just commit to buying your nut butter stock from us, or you can buy them outright and use your own sources for the nut stock.  Most customers after researching and seeing how successful the program can be, prefer the program. 
From: $1695 to $2195

Roast and candy coat with the Nutty Bavarian Nut Roaster

NBR2000 Plus Automated Nut Roaster
Automatically produces perfectly glazed and roasted nuts in direct view of the customer.

  • Production rate: 15 minutes/batch
  • Batch yields 2.25 pounds of glazed nuts — 11 servings
  • 120 Volt, 20 amps, 1850 Watts (240 Volt, 10 amp, 2400 Watt unit available for export)
  • 20 inches wide by 21 inches deep by 12 inches high
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • All of the equipment and supplies needed to make money selling fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts at your location.  Roast peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews and other nuts to perfection .  The aroma will draw and the taste will bring them back.

    Available as a complete turnkey program that includes all supplies to get you started, plus training and information to help you build your business profitably.
    From $3200 for the roaster only  to complete programs.







    is very easy to  operate; it will roast 7 pounds of  in shell peanuts (or other nuts) per batch.  Depending on the type of nut it can take from 25 to 35 minutes to complete the process.  At that time the nuts are dropped into the heated and lighted warming chamber to be vended to customers who want a hot, fresh and healthy snack 

    Dimensions are:  25" high  x  25 1/2 " wide  x  18" deep  Weight approx.  65 pounds

                        Will roast 7 pounds of in-shells (or more for shelled) per batch cycle: 

                        First batch - 15 minute warming period  than 25 - 35 minutes per batch to roast.

      Shipping weight:   85#  Warmer capacity: 15# Stainless  warming and roasting  chamber   

    Bottom warmer compartment is lit and will hold about 15 pounds of warm roasted nuts 
    Youtube video link:

    List Price  $2995
    Discounted Price: $2400

    Portable Propane
    Peanut Roaster
    Perfect for outdoor events such as farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets, sports events, tailgating,  fairs, carnivals, produce stands, etc.

    Width: 24 inches
    Height: 29 inches
    Length: 29 inches
    Weight: 85 Lbs.  Shipping wt.: 125  lbs.

    Will cook approx. 23 lbs. of peanuts in 43 to 51 minutes,.(Depending on Weather Conditions.) Temperature, Wind, and humidity effect cooking time.

    Power and Heat Source
    12 volt batter 
     (not included)
    propane bottle
    (not included)
    Drum material: Stainless Steel
    $1800 plus shipping charges





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