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Peanuts are Good For You!

We have over 20 years in the peanut business helping to provide customers from supermarkets to stadiums with their in-shell peanuts.  

Roasting peanuts 'on-site' has has been a time honored tradition since the 1880's throughout the U.S. and it is on the verge of a comeback.  But, why should it with so many food choices available today?  Simply because peanuts are a healthy, natural snack that have a low cost and high nutritional content.  Nothing else compares to them and when made available, most everyone will say, " I'll have some peanuts". 

If you choose this great addition to your product mix or just  jump in and create a peanut business, you will find a universally accepted product with year around  supply availability at a price that is most always stable.  In fact, in the 20 years I have been 'working for peanuts', the wholesale price has not even gone up enough to keep up with inflation.  The price per pound for raw in-the-shell peanuts has been under $.75 for over twenty five years.  That is less than  a nickle per ounce, so a 4 oz. bag should cost a vendor less than $.20 raw and $.25 roasted.  The profit potential for such an item is as healthy as the peanuts are themselves. So, read on and see if this is good for you, than give us a call and we can see if it is a good fit.  800-946-8688

Examples of natural and propane style nut roasters: 
At top is the ROYAL #5 Antique 1912 fully restored.  It has been chrome plated and fully re-conditioned.  A real beauty and turning lots of profit and peanuts for its owner in New York.   Below that is the portable propane roaster that uses a car battery for power source and propane bottle for heat source.  Currently in use in flea markets, concession stands and farmers markets around the U.S..  Next is a  gas roaster that is hand made to order in various sizes from 25 to 40# per batch.  They all roast about 25# of peanuts per batch in around 30 to 40 minutes.Last is  a smaller new version of the Royal.

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Antique peanut roasters (below) are from the 1890's. Some of the many "street corner" style peanut roasters that were found everywhere in America.  Gone today, but could have a healthy  new day for this age.

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